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Travel Tales and Photos of An Amazon River Boatride Adventure

Photos of Iquitos, Peru, the Amazon River, villages in the Amazon Basin and Letticia, Columbia

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My Amazon River boatride adventure began in Iquitos, Peru. Iquitos is a jungle town on the Amazon River. The only way in or out is by boat on the Amazon River or by airplane. There are no roads leading into Iquitos.

From Iquitos, Peru I took a riverboat down the Amazon River to Letticia, Columbia, taking time along the way to explore the Amazon basin. During those days on our way down the Amazon River, we caught Caiman, hiked in the jungle, fished for Piranha, visited jungle villages and native Amazon people, and swam in the river.

For those of you that follow the news, it was from Letticia, Columbia that a misionary family had flown, and while on their way to Iquitos, Peru were mistakenly shot down by US supported military action in the war against drugs.

I hope you enjoy my photos of Peru.

This beautiful little village stood on a tributary to the Amazon River. During a brief excursion up the tributary, we saw monkeys, pink dolphins, and many birds.
village on a tributary to the amazon river

Amazon or otherwise, I love women wherever I go
me with women in the amazon basin

Just a baby Caiman, but watch the teeth. We spent one night going out to catch them. In the pitchblack along this tributary to the Amazon River, we were equipped with flashlights. When two bright white dots reflected back, we'd move in for the catch
me with caiman caught in a tributary to the amazon river

I love to see happy, little children where ever I go. Children are much the same the world-round, yet their lives can be so different. These live a very remote, isolated life in this village on a tributary to the Amazon River.
cute children in a village near the amazon river

Check out the size of this tree! We hiked through virgin Amazon rainforest. I love exploring places like this. We saw monkeys, birds, and large leaf-cutting ants in single file, each carrying a large section of leaf.

guide with machete to show the size of this tree in primary 
amazon rainforest

Believe it or not folks, these trees actually "walk". The Amazon jungle canopy is so thick, they must move to find the openings that provide the sunlight they need. So they allow some roots to die, new ones to grow. This allows them to move up to one foot per year.

a walking tree in the amazon rainforest

A colorful market in Letticia, Columbia. While spending a couple of days here, I rented a motorbike and cruised from here to a neighboring village, Tabbatinga, Brazil. One night while in Letticia, I had a date....and she was going to pick me up on her motorbike. That night, the village had an electrical outage. While waiting in candlelight in the sitting room of my hotel, I noticed what seemed to be a dead flower growing out of the wall. After a few seconds, I realized that made no sense. When I got up and went to look, it was a spider that stretched about 4 inches across. Whew!

a colorful market in letticia, columbia, on the amazon river